Fire pumps / Water tanks

Fire pumps / Water tanks

We have carried out a multitude of installations for different applications in over 15 years in the sector. Jomar Seguridad has a specific department employing highly-qualified personnel, to assemble, repair and install fire pumps; it is associated with the engineering department and specialises in the scaling of water sprinkler applications.

We comply with standards UNE 23-500-90; UNE EN 12845 and CEPREVEN RT2.ABA in fire protection installation, covering the extinguisher installation requirements provided by networks of hoses, fire hydrants, automatic sprinklers, etc.

Whether you are experiencing difficulties with your current equipment or you need an installation, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you with all your requirements.

Water tanks

We offer an assembly service for concrete, sheet steel or fibreglass tanks.

The most commonly used are those built from panels of galvanised steel according to EU standards and assembly of modular tanks to store water for firefighting installations. Capacity up to 1,200m3.