Self-Protection Manual / Emergency Plan

Self-Protection Manual / Emergency Plan

Self-protection plans should be documents that reflect the reality of the installations and the organisation that must respond in any emergency situation.

Royal Decree 393/2007, of 23 March 2007, approved the Basic Self-Protection Standards for centres, establishments and premises engaged in activities that may lead to emergency situations, and requires certain institutions to draw up Self-Protection Plans, with a minimum-required content, that modify and broaden the structure of any Plans existing before that date.

This legislation places special emphasis on the integration of Self-Protection Plans with those of a higher level (Civil Protection Plans) and specifies that these Self-Protection Plans must be drafted by a competent qualified person.

The aim is to prevent and control the risks to people and property, provide an adequate response to potential emergency situations, and to guarantee the integration of these actions with the state system of civil protection.

Results: Compliance with existing legislation and the guarantee of an effective and immediate intervention by external personnel and services in case of an emergency.

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